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A fast, easy closing solution for sellers.

With our VirtualCloseSM platform, Guardian Title Agency makes online closing simple and secure.

How It Works

  • Our closer guides the seller through the entire process and is available to answer any questions.
  • As soon as documents are ready, the seller is alerted and able to preview the documents prior to closing. The closer will ensure the seller understands the documents prior to the actual signing.
  • The seller may close at a time that is convenient for them within a designated period prior to the day of funding. If signers are in separate locations, they can coordinate the time to sign in a single session.
  • When the seller is ready to sign, they log in to our portal through their preferred device – a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • The seller performs a brief technology check to ensure their device meets requirements, answers a few questions to verify identity, and presents their photo ID.
  • Documents that do not require notarization are signed electronically by the seller prior to being connected to a notary.
  • The notary guides the seller through the electronic signing process.
  • Guardian finalizes escrow and closing with all parties and disburses funds accordingly

Contact your closer for more details on how a seller can utilize the VirtualCloseSM platform.

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